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A sea of opportunities for business

The Uphagen Manor is more than a hotel

If you are looking for an unusual place to organize a conference, a meeting or a corporate event and you would like the participants to experience something more than a typical hotel stay - you have come to the right place. Apart from beautiful, historical interiors of conference rooms, delicious modern food and colorful drinks in our bar, you will get a unique opportunity to see and experience something more.

An overnight stay in rooms whose walls have observed history since year 1800, including the bittersweet moments of hospital staff and patients and the fate of the Uphagen family, is an incredible adventure. During your stay in the Uphagen Manor you can feel it on your own skin and admire the original fabric of the building: preserved ceiling beams or natural brick.

Walking through atmospheric corridors you can stop for a moment and look at historical photos, experience the process of revitalization and look at the photos of the area. The emerging museum will bring you closer to the former purpose of the building. Museum exhibits that were found during the revitalization and construction of the hotel have been elevated to the status of art. There is also a possibility of a sightseeing tour of the Uphagen Manor, thanks to which you will learn many interesting facts about the building. That will make your stay even more extraordinary.


In our facility you will find 7 conference rooms:

BASTION MIŚ (130m²) located in the main building of the Uphagen Manor House, has the possibility to divide into 3 smaller rooms:

BASTION MIŚ A (36m2) located in the main building of the Uphagen Manor House

BASTION MIS B (39m2) located in the main building of the Uphagen Manor House

BASTION MIŚ C(36m2) located in the main building of the Uphagen Manor House

BASTION WILK (117m²) has a foyer and is located on the 1st floor in an independent building of the old Boiler House

BASTION ŻUBR (117m²) has a terrace and is located on the 1st floor in an independent building of the old Boiler House

BASTION KRÓLIK (15m²) is equipped with a table and comfortable armchairs and is located in the main building of the Uphagen Manor House

Each room has air conditioning, access to daylight, Internet, screen, projector, microphone, flipchart and a smart panel for light and sound management.


We encourage you to come and see for yourself that we are a business friendly hotel. As part of our cooperation there is a possibility to conclude a corporate contract with us, thanks to which you will receive fixed, special prices for accommodation and thus enjoy the money you save on business trips. The aforementioned agreement may be extended to all Arche hotels throughout Poland.

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