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Arche Bookstores' Night - meeting with Magdalena and Krzysztof Hillar
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Arche Bookstores' Night - meeting with Magdalena and Krzysztof Hillar

27 September 2022

We invite you to our Arche Bookstore for an author's meeting with an extraordinary couple - Magdalena and Krzysztof Hillar, creators of the blog and authors of the book 'First Love'. This is how our guests describe their joint literary debut: 'Do you care about a close relationship filled with passion, passion and happiness, lasting a lifetime? Of course! Because after all, that's what it's all about - experiencing true love, closeness and understanding, and remembering each other, not only in all the wonderful moments, but also in the difficult ones. Does the past equal the future - no! Even if things were bad in the past, no matter what, it's worth having someone by your side who understands and loves unconditionally. It's worth having someone who trusts, tells the truth, puts a premium on honesty and someone who listens to hear, not to respond. Relationships full of passion and love are built and created. It doesn't fall from the sky and it's not brought by a hare or Santa Claus. So you ask, how do you achieve it? The principles and tips you'll find in this book are a ready-made manual so that sooner or later, you can land on the other side of the rainbow, where love always comes first. That's what we wish for you!"

Magdalena Hillar - dancer by profession, Polish champion in ballroom dancing. She shone in the program "Dancing with the Stars" and raged on the dance floor for 16 editions. At one point in her life she scored a divorce. She entered the secondary market with an open heart and took her son Julian with her. She came across him, fell in love and decided to build a relationship once again with love. Today she experiences being in a wonderful relationship. She is a nutcase in the positive sense of the word. She smiles often, loves to travel, loves flowers and believes in relationships in love. She is a mom to Julian and Amelka. She is a wife, lover, friend, influencer on the subject of close relationships and communication. Hallmarks: smile, love of chocolate, unique clothes, clutter in the closet.

Krzysztof Hillar - an entrepreneur by profession. Expert and authority on the subject of communication. Specialization - business speeches. He performs on stages with the best in the world and always speaks from heart to heart. At one point in his life he scored a divorce. He entered the secondary market with the conviction that relationships were unnecessary, but deep in his heart he wanted love. He opened it and met walking love in sneakers. He doesn't like to make the same mistakes and this time everything worked brilliantly. Love is his main value. He is persistent in the morning. He is Amelka's dad and Julian's best friend. He loves to get home quickly. In his spare time, he builds some kind of model. He is a husband, a friend, an entrepreneur and knows his way around people. Hallmarks: a smile, clothes that SHE selects for him, good cars, lots of gadgets.

During the evening, of course, it will be possible to purchase the book and receive a dedication. PLEASE NOTE: Admission is free but the number of seats is limited. please sign up by calling (25) 644 14 64 (Monday to Friday 9:00-16:00) or emailing See you there! 

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